Arie Smit, Dutch-born Indonesian painter, Died at 99


Adrianus Wilhelmus “Arie” Smit was born on April 15, 1916, and died on March 23, 2016.

He was a Dutch-born Indonesian painter.

He resided in Bali.

During the early 1940’s, Smit was transferred to the infantry in East Java, but was soon captured by the invading Japanese forces.

Arie Smit spent three and a half years in forced labor camps building roads, bridges, and railways on the Burma Railway in Thailand, and Burma.

following the war, which ended in 1945, Arie Smit was released and returned in January 1946 to the new Republic of Indonesia.

Arie became an Indonesian citizen in 1951 and taught graphics and lithography at the Institut Teknologi Bandung in West Java.

During his spare time, he crisscrossed Java as a painter and in 1948 had his first exhibition in Jakarta.

Arie Smit passed away at 99 yrs old.