Antonín Přidal, Czech writer and translator, Died at 81


Antonín Přidal was born on October 13, 1935, in Prostějov, Czechoslovakia, and died on February 7, 2017, Brno, Czech Republic.

He was a Czech translator from English, Spanish and French, and writer, journalist, and university lecturer.

Antonín Přidal attended grammar school in Uherské Hradiště.

Following his graduation, Přidal studied, from 1953 to 1958, English and Hispanic Studies at Masaryk University in Brno.

Přidal received his doctorate, during 1982

Antonín Přidal collaborated with Czech Radio in Brno from 1960 to 1970.

At the time, he was the author of cycles Small school of poetry, Shakespeare for beginners and Ramble books and music, co-author of the show See you on Saturday.

Antonín Přidal passed away at 81 years old.