Anti Marguste, Estonian composer, Died at 84

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Anti Marguste was born August 5, 1931, in Eavere, and died on January 12, 2016.

He was Estonian composer and music teacher.

In 1953, he graduated from Tallinn Polytechnical Institute, Faculty of Economics, and in 1960 studied composition with the Tallinn Conservatory Mart Saar and Anatoly Garshnek class.

Anti has been the Estonian Composers’ Union since 1960’s. year.

During the period in 1959 – in 1962, Anti worked as a newspaper Sickle and Hammer music department.

During 1962, Anti taught composer Georg Ots Music School music theory subjects.

He was awarded the 1983 Estonian SSR annual prize for music and the 2013 White Star III class Order.

Anti Marguste music composed largely based on the song called, Folk laconic shapes, Anti Marguste reminded the development of novel techniques and shades of feeling.

Marguste many works include both large and small formats, both symphonies and choral songs.

As a conductor, his work directed the Roman Matsov, Eri Klas, Neeme Järvi, Paul Hill and others.

Some of his songs have been performed in the choir üldlaulupidudel and in addition to Estonia, they are the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy and elsewhere.

Anti Marguste passed away at 84 years old.