Anne Tronche, French art critic, Died at 76


Anne Tronche was born on October 30, 1938 in Paris, and died on October 16, 2015 in Toulouse.

He was a French contemporary art critic.

Anne studied in Paris, between the journal International Opus, launched by Jean-Clarence Lambert, Alain Jouffroy and Gérald-Gassiot Talabots.

He was a member of the executive board of the journal until 1989, a position she holds jointly with that of inspector of artistic creation at the Ministry of Culture 1982 to 1999) and Inspector General.

Anne is the author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art and interviews for monographic movies with Bill Culbert, Daniel Spoerri, Aurélie Nemours, Denise René.

Anne Tronche passed away at age 76 on October 30, 1938.