Angad Paul, British manufacturing executive, Died at 45,


Angad Paul was born on February 18, 1931, and died on November 8, 2015.

He was the British manufacturing executive and film producer for the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and The Tournament.

Angad received a degree in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Swraj Paul his father passed on the company Caparo to Angad in 1996, hi father founded the business in 1968 with a £5,000 loan.

His father’s company, Caparo Plc, has been affected by the collapse in steel prices and was forced into administration weeks ago with the loss of 450 jobs across the UK and another 1,200 in the balance.

The Caparo Group was one of Britain’s leading companies, that has hands in anything from car component manufacture to hotels and hospitality.

But the international conglomerate has suffered as the fortunes of British steel nosedived following the recession and 16 of the 20 businesses under its wing have now been taken into administration.

Job losses followed at factories across the UK and all websites associated with Caparo have been suspended.

Paul left behind his wife Michelle and two children.

Angad passed away at age 45, he committed suicide by jumping on November 8, 2015.