Andy Mapple

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Dead, British born world water skiing champion Andy Mapple on the 22nd of August 2015 at the age of 52 in Florida, United States.

Born on the 3rd of November 1962 Mapple was a six-time world water skiing champion, and a 14 time Masters Slalom Champion.

Andy had 169 career professional wins. In 1987, he married Deena Brush, who herself holds two World Overall titles, three World jump titles; 20 Masters titles including 8 overall victories, 26 National titles and 22 National records, 5 World Jump Records and 5 World Slalom Records.

He was 13 years old when he started skiing in England on Lake Windermere.

He admitted that he hated water, and could not swim!!  His older sister Susan learned to ski with friends, and after a few weeks of seeing this each weekend, he was convinced to have a go.

He had a wetsuit on, life vest and he even a floatation belt.  He told himself he was not going under.

He was therefore helped in the water to get his balance and got up first time. He never forgot that feeling of going across the water.

From that moment, all he wanted to do was ski, every moment he had, he would think of skiing.

‘I remember watching the World Championships on TV, then going to watch the mens finals live at Thorpe Park.

I watched Bob LaPoint and Robbi Zucci.  We did not know what a slalom course was, so really had no clue as to what it all meant just big spray! Through the years I continued to grow in the sport, and enjoying it as much as I did that first time.

Tournaments started.  First event: 1@32mph (start speed) and 20 points in tricks!!  We were on our way! Skiing became my passion; it was all I wanted to do’.

Andy’s highly successful professional career has put him at the forefront of the water ski industry, where he continues to be one of the most well-known and respected athletes in the sport.

Since retiring from the professional side of competitive skiing some years ago, Andy has been training other water skiers to take their abilities to the next level.

Aside from coaching, Andy has been designing water skis with major manufacturers for over 25 years.

Andy, with the wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport and being at the highest level for over 25 years decided it was time to make this happen.

Mapple Skis was founded by Andy Mapple in 2012.

Andy Mapple was not only an exceptional skier with more professional slalom titles than anyone in the history of the sport, but he was an exceptional person.

Take a moment to be grateful for the incredible impact Andy Mapple had on the skiing world during his lifetime, which was far too short.

He leaves behind his lovely wife, Deena, and the couple’s children, Mike and Elyssa.

Everyone is deeply saddened by his untimely passing. A 2011 inductee of the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation Hall of Fame.

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