Andrew Paulson, American executive, Died at 59


Andrew Paulson was born on November 13, 1958 and died on July 18, 2017.

He was an American entrepreneur.

Paulson was the son of noted American professor Ronald Paulson.

In his early years he worked with oncology and neurophysiology researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Yale University and at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Whilst he was an undergraduate, Paulson ran the classical music program at WYBC, a commercial radio station, and founded The New Theater Company where he produced and directed numerous plays.

Paulson graduated with a BA in French Literature and Literary Criticism from Yale University in 1981, and attended the Yale School of Drama.

In the year from 1982 to 86, Paulson lived in Berlin and Paris, writing novels; from 1987 to 93 he lived in Paris, London and Milan, shooting fashion and advertising photography.

At that time period, Paulson co-founded (with Gilles Dusein) the Paris conceptual photography gallery Urbi et Orbi, and co-founded (with Kurt Novack) a graphic design studio, Pourriture Noble.

During 1991, David Hirson’s celebrated play La Bête was premiered on Broadway and in London.

He died from lung cancer.

Andrew Paulson passed away at 59 years old.