Andreas Mannkopff, actor and voice actor, died at 76

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Andreas Mannkopff, born on May 17, 1939 in Berlin, and passed away October 9, 2015 after a long illness.

Andreas was a German actor and voice actor.

Andreas Mannkopff graduated in classical acting at Fritz Kirchhoff in his hometown of Berlin and devoted himself first at Dusseldorf Kom (m) ödchen and in Heidelberg and Berlin the political cabaret.

Then Andreas entered into numerous acting roles, first in the theater among others at the renowned of Boleslav Barlog embossed Berlin Schlosspark Theater and the other government Schauspielbühnen example, under Hans Lietzau, Boy Gobert, Heribert Sasse and Alfred Kirchner on.

1968, he was famous overnight by the Thriller The Confession of a girl.

Then he turned countless films and TV movies and still mostly all year by the end of shooting on the theater and musical theater.

Another notoriety thrust followed 1976 in a roll together with Klaus Kinski Jack the Ripper – The prostitute murderer of London, in which he played the Scotland Yard Director resolute, who chased the Ripper, a film that Andreas made ​​known also in Europe.

Other film roles received Andreas among others in Fabian, Otto – Der Film and Samba in Mettmann.

Andreas Mannkopff died at age 76 on October 9, 2015.