André van den Heuvel, Dutch actor, Died at 88

Andreas Petrus Gerardus (Andre) van den Heuvel was born on June 4, 1927, In Tegelen, Amsterdam, and died February 9, 2016.

He was a Dutch actor and director.

He debuted in 1950 in the play Amphytrion of Jean Giraudoux.

Andreas real stage debut he experienced in the preceding years as an amateur in the traditional Tegelse passion play in his hometown.

Andreas has played about as all the major roles in all the major pieces, extending from Shakespeare to Euripides and Brecht.

In 1956, André van den Heuvel played the archangel Gabriel in Vondel’s Lucifer in Dutch Comedy, directed by Johan de Meester jr. According to newspaper De Tijd Van den Heuvel was “subdued and majestic.

The production also included Ko van Dijk to see.

During the 60’s, he played the title role in the last traditional performances of Vondel Gijsbrecht of Aemstel with Ellen Vogel as Badeloch.

The actor won the Louis d’Or twice.

André van den Heuvel took part in the television series merijntje gijzens jeugd (1973), in which he performed Merijn Parties father Hamelen (1972-1975, season 1 t / m 4 – in the role of Guurt of Grasp) The Road (1982 KRO), William of Orange (1985), The Partisan (1995 KRO) and In the name of the Queen (1996).

André played in the first in 1965, Annie MG Schmidt / Harry Bannink -musical Delicious is the best policy.

Known was derived therefrom song “On a beautiful Monday that he and leen jongewaard sang.

In the feature film Red Swan (1996), André was seen as a grandfather.

The tribute CD for Jacques Brel Van den Heuvel sang the song ‘Jef’.

André also starred in several episodes of the series Baantjer as the underworld king “Silent Adriaan.

He also did television commercials of the NMB, ending with the phrase: “The NMB thinks with you.”

At 80 yrs old, he was involved with include sculpting.

In 2007, Heuvel was seen even in the role of mob boss Alfred Thielen in the series Cops Maastricht, and the following year he played Herman Batenburg in the Dutch lawyers series Keyzer & De Boer Lawyers.

Van den Heuvel resided in Amsterdam and was until her death in September 2012 married to actress Kitty Janssen, with whom he also co-starred in the comedy series each his part.

André van den Heuvel passed away at 88yrs old.