Anatoli Ilyin, Soviet Russian football player, Died at 84


Anatoli Mikhaïlovitch Ilyin/Анатолий Михайлович Ильин; was born on June 27, 1931, in Moscow and died on February 10, 2016, in Moscow.

He was a Soviet Russian footballer.

Anatoli earned 31 caps and scored 16 goals for the Soviet Union from 1952 to 1959.

Anatoli gained an Olympic gold medal at the 1956 Summer Olympics, scoring the game-winning goal of the Gold Medal match, and also participated in the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Mikhaïlovitch was the author of the first goal in the history of Cups and European Championships, scoring a goal 4 minutes into the gate of the Hungarian national team.

He was has received various awards and honors.

Anatoli Ilyin passed away at 84 yrs old.