American Wirehair Cat


Being rare and unusual, now getting into the list of successful breeds having its visibility seen in Japan and France. One day American Wirehair would found across the globe. These are the third breed in original Native American trinity.


First wirehair was discovered in 1966 at upstate NewYork. Male and female kittens those survived from a weasel attack, from the lot of five kittens. Fascinated by the strange coat, the owner of the farm, called his neighbour a cat lady to have a look. Feeling the unusual hair, the lady decided to try and reproduce this breed. Thus more kinkies arrived in the world.


It was with the help of American Shorthair that original breeders were able to use an outcross to inject hybrid vigor. Though it was the only available closest type those days, researchers have proved that American Shorthair is the only breed to contribute even today.


The hair in American Wirehair comes in many degrees, such as crimped, hooked, or bent. Thus the look varies from spiky to curly. It was found that, the gene causing this very special coat is incomplete dominant, which means even while breeding wire to wire, the coat of all kittens won’t be wire. Though those days, kittens were used for increasing the available gene pool to provide necessary vigor, today only the exhibits are used for some reasons.


These varieties have a standard medium to large cats with males larger than females. Though wires are judged in one colour, they’re mostly accepted with many colour patterns. It’s also believed that Mother Nature has twisted sense of humour when it comes to painting these breeds, as the colour pattern in few kittens are really funny, yet beautiful. Where there are enough breeder, these wonderful cats would be seen in plenty.


Wirehair CatMost female Wirehairs have silent seasons that make the working with this breed more challenging. Breeders are required to be in total commitments to work with Wirehairs. Though these little devils to get under your skin easily, they’re good friends in first place.


American Wirehairs are touchy feely cats and hence most of the breeder takes disinfectant and towels to the shows, for spectators to experience the hair. For anyone who handles the Wirehair at first will experience a Kodak moment, as the facial expressions are something unexpected. With study of breeders on this strange coat, found that this breed of cat’s skin is extremely sensitive to outside influences that make some cats get number of allergies.


Unlike other breeds, these cats have to be bathed regularly. Though it’s easy to bath them, it’s important to take to the grooming procedures readily. The coat of these breeds requires proper attention as they get greasy due to oily skin.


To conclude, these are the hardy cats with major health problems. Being extremely people oriented, they see no strangers and have a happy touch with everyone they meet. Similar to other breeds, these are loving, playful, gentle and best companion with children. It’s a common fear among many mothers if their babies would have problem with hairballs.


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