American visual artist and poet, Jerry Gant, Died at 56

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Jerry Gant was born in Newark, New Jersey and died on November 11, 2018.

He was an American visual artist, poet, performance artist and educator.

He grew up moving a lot in Newark with his mother.

AT a younger age, Jerry lost his father to alcohol, cirrhosis, and according to Gant, “It was poverty beating him into submission. He didn’t die; he was killed.

Gant was a student at West Side High School and studied at Essex County College and the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts.

Gant was active in the 1980s graffiti scene in New York City.

Influenced by African-American artists like filmmaker Spike Lee, at the start of the 1990s, Gant started performing spoken word in New York City and Newark.

Gant’s murals can be viewed in New York City, Boston, London, and Newark.

He resided in Newark.

Jerry Gant passed away at 56 years old.


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