American politician, Maxine Berman, Died at 71


Maxine L. Berman was born on April 17, 1946, and died on March 2, 2018.
She was an American politician.
She served on the Michigan House of Representatives between 1983 and 1996.
She was raised in Oak Park and graduated from the University of Michigan.
Berman received her early education at Oak Park High School until running for political office.
From 1983 to 1996, Berman was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. After leaving the office, she went on to become the founder of Capitol Strategies, Inc., a consultancy firm and led the Women’s Health Network of Michigan.
During 2003, Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Berman as director of special projects.
During 2008 Berman resigned from that post and became the Griffin Endowed Chair in American Government at Central Michigan University the next year, retiring in 2013.
During 2015, she was elected to the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.
Maxine died March 2, 2018, due to lung cancer, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
She passed away at 71 years old.