American ice hockey executive, John Ziegler Jr., Died at 84

John Augustus Ziegler Jr. was born on February 9, 1934 and died on October 25, 2018.

He was an American legal advisor and ice hockey official.

After succeeding Clarence Campbell in 1977, he turned into the fourth leader of the National Hockey League. Ziegler filled in as class president through 1992.

His 15-year term was set apart by the 1979 merger that coordinated four groups from the adversary World Hockey Association into the NHL, and by expanding work distress among the players.

The principal American to fill in as CEO of the NHL, he got the Lester Patrick Trophy in 1984 and was accepted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1987.

John Augustus Ziegler, Jr. lived with his family in the Detroit zone’s northern, lakefront suburb of St. Clair Shores, moving on from Lake Shore High School in 1952.

He would proceed to go to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, getting both a college degree and an alumni law degree, the last in 1957.

Before getting to be National Hockey League President in 1970, Ziegler specialized in legal matters at first with the firm Dickson, Wright, McKean and Cudlip, in Detroit, Michigan, and after 1970 all alone.

He was associated with the responsibility for Detroit Red Wings, and served one year as director of the NHL Board of Governors.

Ziegler had additionally been the Vice-Chairman of the England-based London Lions free proficient ice hockey establishment.

John Ziegler Jr. passed away at 84 years old.


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