American boxer, Zachary Wohlman, Died at 32


Zachary Wohlman, also known as Kid Yamaka was born on May 23, 1988, and died on February 15, 2021.

He was an American boxer in the Welterweight division.

He was an amateur, then later became a professional.

He came into the sports industry at a late stage, Wohlman was a troublesome child, however, he overcame that struggle when he became the 2010 winner of the Los Angeles Golden Gloves Tournament.

The world-renowned Boxing Hall of Famer Freddie Roach trained him in 2008, and trainer Eric Brown thereafter.

Since December 2017 his official records were 10–3–2.

Zachary Wohlman grew up in Northridge, Reseda, and Woodland Hills, California with David Wohlman was his father, and his mother, a beautician.

His initial life was set apart by an absence of family structure, battles in school, a military school in Texas on the Mexico line where he had his first taste of boxing, drugs, and “behind-the-horse shelter” novice confining matches across the line Mexico.

Zachary was shipped off Sylmar Juvenile Detention at age 16, chipped away at an oil rig in San Jose to help himself at age 17, and had brushes with the criminal equity system.

At 20 years old, Wohlman had a Jewish right of passage and began going to Shabbat Friday night suppers every week, and says “I got that sense of family and community that I didn’t grow up with.”

Wohlman has numerous tattoos, including a Star of David across his stomach, and wears a Star of David around his neck.

He also took part in the movies Golden Boy Boxing (2009), Boxer (2011), and Xander Cohen (2012).

Wohlman passed away at 32 years old.


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