American actor, Bernard Bragg, Died at 90


Bernard Bragg was born on September 27, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York and died on October 29, 2018.

He was a deaf actor, producer, director, playwright, artist, and author.

Bernard Bragg was recognized for being a co-founder of the National Theatre of the Deaf and for his contributions to Deaf playing culture.

According to The the big apple Times, physiologist Bragg was “regarded by several because of the leading skilled deaf actor within the country”.

He was raised learning linguistic communication, that was instructed to him by his 2 deaf oldsters.

At a young age, physiologist incontestable associate degree interest in theatre, that developed as a result of the influence of his father, United Nations agency was associate degree amateur actor and play manager.

During his childhood and adolescence, Bragg attended the big apple college for the Deaf, informally referred to as “Fanwood”, and entered pedagogue faculty (now University) upon graduating in 1947.

Whilst attending pedagogue, Bragg studied theater beneath a deaf academician named town Hughes and asterisked because the lead role in an exceeding range of college plays, that he won varied honors.

Eventually, Bragg’s theatrical activity culminated in his directive of a play, associate degree adaptation of John Galsworthy’s Escape.

Also to his theater work, physiologist Bragg wrote poetry throughout his time in faculty, earning the Teegarden Award for inventive Poetry in his senior year.

Bernard Bragg passed at 90 years old.


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