Amber Gurung, Nepalese musician and composer, Died at 78

Amber Gurung died on June 7, 2016.

He was a composer, singer and lyricist of Nepali music.

Amber was popularly known as the Music composer of Nepal’s national anthem Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka.

He has served as Chairman of Nepal Music Center Kathmandu, Nepal (2006–2007).

He was a Music Director at Nepal Academy (of Arts and Literature) Kathmandu, (1968–1996).

Gurung was a Music Teacher, Dr. Grahams Homes, Kalimpong, Darjeeling (1967–1968) and a Music Chief, of the Folk Entertainment Unit, Government of West Bengal, Darjeeling, India (1962–1965).

His First Song Recorded Nau Lakhe Tara (“Anthem of the Nepali Diaspora”).

Amber Gurung has author and recording artist of more than 1000 songs (1961–2006).

He also published 3 books: 2 volumes of lyrics, Samaalera Raakha (“Keep It Safe”, 1969) and Akcharkaa Awajharu (“Sounds of Words,” 2003), and an anthology of essays and memoirs, Kahaa Gae Ti Dinharu (“Remembrance of Days Past,” 2006, which won the Uttam Shanti Shahitya Puraskar for 2007).

Amber composed and conducted the first Nepali operas, Malati Mangale (“Malati and Mangale,” 1986), Muna Madan, (“Muna and Madan,” 1979), Kunjini (1963)

his treatment at the Grande International Hospital.

Amber Gurung passed away at 78 yrs old.