Alice Arlen, American screenwriter, Died at 75


Alice Arlen/ Alice Reeve was born on November 6, 1940, and died on February 29, 2016.

She was an American screenwriter.

She was best known for Silkwood, which she wrote with Nora Ephron.

Her other works included Alamo Bay, Cookie, Then She Found Me and The Weight of Water.

Her parents were lawyer Jay Frederick Reeve and journalist Josephine Medill Patterson in 1940.

She married James Hoge, who was an employee of the Chicago Sun-Times in her native city after earning her degree and began working for CBS.

They had three children, they divorced in 1971.

Alice Reeve married Michael J. Arlen the next year and later moved to New York where she began studying at the Columbia University School of the Arts in 1979.

Then she met Nora Ephron, with whom she wrote Silkwood in 1983.

That film was nominated for an Oscar as the Best Original Screenplay and a Golden Globe, but did not win either award.

Alice Reeve partnered with director Louis Malle on Alamo Bay, in 1985.

Herself and Ephron later worked together on 1989’s Cookie, which was directed by Susan Seidelman.

During 2000, Alice Reeve also wrote the screenplay for The Weight of Water, and Helen Hunt’s first feature film as director, Then She Found Me in 2007.

Alice Reeve passed away at 75 yrs old in Manhattan, New York.