Ali Barraud, Burkinabe politician, Died at 97

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Ali Barraud N’Goni, born on January 31, 1918 and passed away October 11, 2015.

Ali was a Burkinabé politician who served as Minister of Public Health and Population for Upper Volta.

He resigned his position on January 22, 1974.

Ali was involved in the 1948 founding of the Voltaic Democratic Party (PDV), which joined with the Social Party for the Emancipation of the African Masses (PSEMA) in 1956 to form the Unified Democratic Party (PDU) electoral alliance.

From 1957 to 1959 Ali served as a member of the delegation of Upper Volta to the Grand Council of French Western Africa.

In 1971 he was elected Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization.

Ali Barraud died at age 97 in 2015.