Alfred Evers

Belgian politician, Alfred Evers was born on May 13, 1935, and died on November 19, 2018.

He started his political vocation in 1974 when he was chosen to the Chamber of Deputies after a disliked assignment from the resistance Liberal Party gave him a good result.

While he served in office, he spoke to the interests of minority East Germans and prompted the formation of the German-talking network.

Evers served on the Walloon Senate and was seat the German-talking board of trustees from 1999 to 2004.

He was chosen the chairman of Eupen in 1977 and served until the point when 2001 when he was in the long run vanquished by Elmar Keutgen.

After this thrashing, he pulled back from neighborhood governmental issues.

He made a rebound into governmental issues in 2012 when Karl-Heinz Klinkenberg was chosen the chairman of Eupen, delegated him to the city gathering.

Be that as it may, he would leave a year later, referring to wellbeing concerns.

However, this would authoritatively end his political vocation.

Outside of legislative issues, Evers has filled in as the seat of the French Federation of Road Haulers, alongside numerous different associations in the vehicle and coordination segments.

Evers was the leader of a holding organization for some Belgian people group, which was a huge investment of Dexia Bank amid their money related emergency.

In the field of transport, Evers was General Manager of the Ghemar Transport Company and President of the FEBETRA (Belgian Royal Federation of Carriers and Logistics Service Providers).

Alfred Evers passed away at 83 years old.


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