Alex Sabundu Badeh


Nigerian air force officer Alex Sabundu Badeh was born on January 10, 1957, and died on December 18, 2018.

He was a four star flag officer of the Nigerian Air force.

Badeh filled in as the eighteenth Chief of Air Staff and the fifteenth Chief of Defense Staff of the military of Nigeria.

He was blamed for monetary misappropriation by the EFCC amid his residency as administration chie in February 2016f. Badeh denied inclusion in any offense.

In July 2015, Air Chief Marshal Badeh resigned.

In accordance with Military convention a Pulling-Out motorcade was held at the Mogadishu cantonment Abuja where Air Chief Marshal Badeh gave his valedictory discourse before continuing to his home state.

He was murdered in a trap along the Keffi – Abuja turnpike on the night of the eighteenth of December 2018.

Alex Badeh passed away at 61 years old.


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