Aleksander Jackowski, Polish anthropologist and ethnographer, Died at 96


Aleksander Jackowski was born on January 19, 1920, in Warsaw, and died on January 1, 2017 in Warsaw.

He was a Polish cultural anthropologist, ethnographer, art critic.

Aleksander Jackowski was an author of various works on folk, contemporary, naïve art and l’art brut.

Aleksander Jackowski grew up in Warsaw, in a family of intellectuals.

During 1940, Jackowski was sent by Soviets from Lviv to Siberia, where he first came in contact with the folk culture of the Khanty.

Jackowski worked as a lumberjack, bellman, tractor driver, stove fitter, turner and locksmith.

Aleksander shattered ankle was fixed by a shaman, who was hiding in the woods from the Soviets.

Aleksander Jackowski’s returned to Poland with the General Berling Army in 1943.

Jackowski took part in the battles of Puławy and Warsaw.

Jackowski finished his military career as a major, as the Deputy Military Commander of Warsaw in May 1945.

Jackowski studied sociology and attended art history lectures.

Upto 1948, Jackowski worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the director of the Minister’s Cabinet managing the Press and Information Department.

During 1948, Jackowski became the deputy editor in chief of the weekly “Odrodzenie” (Renascence).

At the end of 1949, Jackowski was the Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Folk and Naïve Art at the Art Institute in the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Aleksander Jackowski passed away at 96 years old.