Albert Malbois, French Roman Catholic prelate, Died at 101


Albert-Georges-Yves Malbois was born on November 17, 1915, in Versailles, France and died on February 12, 2017.

He was a French prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Malbois was ordained to the priesthood on June 29, 1938, in the Diocese of Versailles.

Albert-Georges-Yves Malbois became a vicar in Saint-Cloud in 1939.

He was appointed Titular Bishop of Altava and Auxiliary Bishop on March 9, 1961, and received his episcopal consecration on 22 April 1961.

On 9 October 1966, Malbois was appointed the bishop of Corbeil-Essonnes-Évry, a position he held until his resignation in September 1977.

Albert-Georges-Yves Malbois turned 100 in November 2015.

Albert-Georges-Yves Malbois passed away at 101 years old.