Alan Carter, British civil servant, Died at 86

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Alan John Carter was born on August 5, 1929, and died on April 1, 2016.

He was a British and Hong Kong immigration official.

Alan was the Director of Immigration of Hong Kong from 1983 to 1989, being the last expatriate to hold the office.

He joined the civil service of the United Kingdom in 1949 as an Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works.

Mr Carter was appointed, on in-service transfer, as an Immigration Officer of the Immigration Branch of the Home Office in 1955 and was promoted Chief Immigration Officer in 1963.

During 1966, Alan was posted to Hong Kong, then a British crown colony, as a Principal Immigration Inspector and was subsequently promoted to the ranks of Assistant Director and Deputy Director of the Immigration Department in 1971 and 1978 respectively.

Previously, before becoming Director in 1983, Carter had been responsible for tackling the influx of illegal immigrants from the mainland China as well as the influx of Vietnamese boat people.

Alan assisted in implementing the “immediate repatriation upon arrest” policy in 1980.

Alan Carter passed away at 86 yrs old.