Alan Aldridge, British graphic designer, Died at 73


Alan Aldridge was born on June 1, 1943, in East London and died on February 17, 2017.

He was a British artist, graphic designer, and illustrator.

He first worked as an illustrator at “The Sunday Times Magazine.”

Then, after doing some freelance book covers for Penguin Books, Alan was hired in March 1965 by Penguin’s chief editor Tony Godwin to become the art director of Penguin.

For the following two years as art director, he especially focused on science fiction book covers and introduced his style which resonated with the mood of the time.

During 1968, Aldridge moved to his own graphic-design firm, INK, which became closely involved with graphic images for the Beatles and Apple Corps

He was twice divorced.

Alan Aldridge was survived by eight children: Miles, Saffron, Pim, Marc, Toby, James, Lily and Ruby.

Alan Aldridge has 4 children that are fashion photographer Miles Aldridge and models Saffron Aldridge, Lily Aldridge, and Ruby Aldridge.

Alan Aldridge’s daughter Lily announced his death via Instagram, on February 17, 2017.

Alan Aldridge passed away at 73 years old.