Al P. Seckel, American optical illusion collector, died at 57

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Al Paul Seckel died near his home in France on September 22, 2015, he was optical illusion collector.

Seckel is best known for helping to make optical illusions a household name throughout the world.

He was born in New York City on September 3rd, 1958 to Paul Seckel and Ruth Schonthal Seckel.

Seckel had 2 older brothers, Ben and Bernard Seckel.

He wrote a number of Award-winning books on visual illusions, such as The Art of Optical Illusions and Masters of Deception.

He also gave invited lectures at universities and conferences around the world such as TED and the World Economic Forum, Davos.

Seckel survived by his daughter, Elizabeth, his brother Bernard and his partner, Isabel.

Donations may be made to the American Heart Association or LabRats (Science Education for Kids).

Al P. Seckel died at age 57 on September 22, 2015.