Al Lawrence, Australian long distance runner, Died at 86

Allan Cleave Lawrence was born on July 9, 1930, in the Sydney suburb of Punchbowl and died on May 15, 2017.

He was an Australian long distance runner.

Lawrence was a bronze medal for Australia in the 1956 Summer Olympics.

During the 1960 Olympic games in Rome, Al placed fourth in the 5,000 metre heats, did not finish the 10,000 metres and placed a disappointing 54th in the marathon in 2:37.

In his career, he broke over 10 Australian records from 2 miles to 10,000m.

He was the first Australian to break 14 minutes for 5000m and 30 and 29 minutes for 10,000m.

He returned to America where he became an American citizen in the early 1980s.

Al Lawrence passed away at 86 years old.