Akhtar Mansour, Afghan Islamist, Emir of Taliban, Died at 52

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Akhtar Mansour was born in 1963, in Afiganistan and died on December 2, 2015.

He is an Afghan Islamist, Emir of Taliban.

Akhtar Mansour studied at Darul Uloom Haqqania.

Mansour became the leader since the death of Omar the former Taliban.

There has been deadly suicide attacks against Western and Afghan government targets have continued under his tenure.

They have also captured the northern city of Kunduz in September before Afghan troops backed by U.S. air strikes wrestled it back.

There has been peace talks between Pakistan-sponsored and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s administration and the Taliban group have stalled since the announcement of Omar’s death.

The Taliban has become more fractured after Mansour’s elevation to leadership.

The Taliban group is led by Mullah Mohamed Rasool, a former member of the Taliban’s ruling council.

Akhtar Mansour passed away at 52 yrs old on December 2, 2015.