Aileen Mehle, American gossip columnist, Died at 98


Aileen Mehle (née Elder) was born on June 10, 1918, and died on November 11, 2016.

She was known by the pen name Suzy or Suzy Knickerbocker,

She was an American society columnist, active in journalism for over fifty years.

Mehle column was syndicated to 100 newspapers and read by over 30 million people.

Aileen’s father, Lawrence Herman Elder, worked for an oil company and her mother was Aileen O’Keefe. When Mehle was young, the family moved to California.

Mehle attended Long Beach Junior College and Santa Barbara State College (now the University of California, Santa Barbara).

During the early 1940s she, her mother and her infant son moved to Florida to live.

She married Roger W. Mehle in 1939 and had a son, also named Roger, in 1941.

They later divorced.

She remarried a second time, to Mark Kenneth Frank Jr.; they were divorced in 1957.

She died at her home in Manhattan.

Aileen Mehle passed away at 98 years old.