Adriana Campos, Colombian actress, Died at 36


Adriana Campos died on November 3, 2015.

Adriana was born in Chaparral, Colombia in the southwestern part of the country.

She was an actress in Colombia.

Adriana and her husband Carlos Rincon were killed in a tragic car accident, when her husband lost control of the vehicle, causing it to plunge into a river

Adriana left her town to dedicate herself to acting in 2000, and made her TV debut at the age of 21.

Adriana suffered a tragic loss in 2010 while dating her El Clon co-star Mauricio Ochmann, with whom she worked with in the popular soap.

The former couple was expecting their first child together, but lost the baby due to complications, according to TV y Novelas.

But she overcame the horrible event and went on to marry businessman Carlos in 2014, and the couple welcomed son Geronimo Rincon Campos in 2014.

Adriana was taking a year-long sabbatical from acting to focus on raising her son when the accident happened.

She started in telenovelas, and was first nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Nicol Aguilar in Vecinos in 2008.

She was also the nominee for best supporting actress and, later, for best antagonist, where she played Pricila Cardona in Bella Calamidades in 2010.

Adriana Campos passed away at 36 years old due to a car accident with her husband on November 3, 2015.