Adele Horin, writer and journalist, Died at 64


Adele Marilyn Horin was born in 1950/1951, and died on November 21, 2015 from lung cancer.

She was an Australian journalist. She retired in 2012 as a columnist and journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald.

A prolific and polarizing writer on social issues, Adele was described as “the paper’s resident feminist”.

Born in 1951, Adele grew up in Applecross, Western Australia, a suburb of Perth.

Educated at Applecross Primary School and Applecross Senior High School, Adele began her journalistic career as a cadet at The West Australian newspaper, while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree part-time at the University of Western Australia.

Adele worked as a correspondent in New York, initially for The Australian Women’s Weekly and Cleo magazines, and then for The Sydney Morning Herald.

She later worked in Washington, New York and London covering politics, society and economics for The National Times newspaper, considered in its day to be a pioneering exponent of investigative and social issues in journalism.

In Australia, after a period with the ABC Radio National Life Matters programme she joined The Sydney Morning Herald.

Adele had a Saturday column on the paper’s Comment page.

Normally taking a left wing view point, Adele writing usually dealt with social issues.

On 25 August 2012, Adele announced, in her column, her retirement from The Sydney Morning Herald “not to spend the day in a dressing gown but to think, write, participate, and to engage with my generation in a different way”.

On 15 November 2015, Adele announced via her blog the return of lung cancer, which had been treated aggressively the year before.

She indicated she was too unwell to continue to write.

Adele passed away at age 64 on November 21, 2015.