Achyut Lahkar, Indian actor and playwright, Died at 85


Achyut Lahkar was born on July 9, 1931 and died on June 12, 2016.

He was the father of the Bhryamyman or Mobile Theatre of Assam and gave birth to mobile theatre in Assam in the 1960s.

Achyut Lahkar was the founder of the popular Natraj Theatre at Pathsala in 1963 which performed across Assam and in other states for nearly 40 years.

Achyut Lahkar was a pioneering dramatist, actor, director and producer and staged numerous memorable plays on the mobile theatre stage.

Also, Lahkar published and edited an illustrated magazine called Deepawali for some time.

Achyut Lahkar was awarded the Kamal Kumari National Award in 1997.

Achyut Lahkar passed away at 85 yrs old.