Abderrahmane Meziani, Algerian footballer, Died at 74


Abderrahmane Meziani was born on May 12, 1942, and died on June 2, 2016.

He was a professional Algerian footballer.

Meziani played as a forward.

He started his career at MC Alger in 1955 in the minimal category, he then passed through ASPTT Algiers before landing at the AS Saint-Eugène, Algiers flagship club during the colonial era.

Following the independence of Algeria in 1962, then aged 20, Meziani signed to USM Alger to spend the rest of his career there.

He suffered a cardiovascular event on May 1, 2006.

His left side of his body was paralyzed.

After several days in a coma, he was transferred to France in order to receive the necessary care.

Abderrahmane recovered slowly after a long rehabilitation. However, it became necessary to always use a wheelchair.

Abderrahmane Meziani passed away at 74 years old.