Aar de Goede, Dutch politician, Died at 87


Arie “Aar” de Goede was born May 21, 1928, in Vlaardingen and died on May 16, 2016.
He was a Dutch politician.
A member of the Democrats 66 he served in the House of Representatives (1967–1973), European Parliament (1979–1984) and Senate (1986–1987).
As an executive, Arie was State Secretary of Finance between 1973 and 1977.
De Goede attended the Middelbare Handelsschool (trade school) and subsequently followed a three-year course in tax law.
During 1947, he started working for the Tax and Customs Administration in Schiedam.
From 1951 he held jobs as a assistant to the managing board, assistant accountant and adjunct secretary at a economic/judicial advise agency.
In 1956 he started as an financial administrator at the Reactor Centrum Nederland (nl).
De Goede became politically active for the Democrats 66 in 1967, when he became a member of the House of Representatives after the general election of February. He was one of the first seven members of Democrats 66 in the House.
In the House he was part of a Kingdom of the Netherlands commission tasked with exploring the future relationships within the Kingdom.
He served in the House until being appointed as State Secretary for Finance in the Den Uyl cabinet on 11 May 1973.
During this period he was responsible for an important revision of the Comptabiliteitswet (nl) in 1976.
De Goede remained there on until the end of the cabinet in December 1977.
After 2yrs,Aar de Goede was elected to the European Parliament.
He had been lijsttrekker for the Democrats 66 in the election.
Aar de Goede served as member of the parliament between 17 July 1979 and 23 July 1984.
He went back to the national political level for a one-year stint in the Senate, where he served from 3 June 1986 to 23 June 1987.
He was made a Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion on 11 April 1978.
Aar de Goede passed away at 87 yrs old.