Aamir Zaki, Pakistani guitarist, Died at 49


Aamir Zaki was born on April 8, 1968 and died on June 2, 2017.

He was a guitarist-songwriter and composer from Pakistan.

Zaki was known for his melodic phrasing, feel, and tone.

His first music video ‘Money’ was aired for many weeks Pakistan’s first ever pop chart show ‘Music Channel Charts’.

The program was directed and produced by Yasir Akhtar and executive producer was Ghazanfer Ali.

The Amir’s debut album Signature was released in 1995.

He was awarded a gold disc by Soundcraft UK for it.

Zaki’s second CD release Rough Cut was an English album, with a Tabla and six string bass Rhythm section, featuring Hadiqa Kiyani on vocals.

Aamir Zaki passed away at 49 years old.