A. R. Morlan, American horror writer, Died at 58


Ana Rose Morlan, originally Arlette Renee was born on January 3, 1958 in Chicago IL, and died on January 6, 2016.

She was an American horror writer.

Ana began publishing with a quiz in Twilight Zone Magazine in 1983.

Her first story was “Four Days Before the Snow” in 1985, beginning her Ewerton series of horror stories set in an imaginary small town in Wisconsin, which also includes novels The Amulet in 1991 and Dark Journey in 1991.

Ana short fiction regularly appeared in year’s best anthologies, and she published numerous collections, including Smothered Dolls in 2006, Ewerton Death Trip in 2011, and Homely in the Cradle and Other Stories in 2015.

She also wrote as Renee M. Charles and Ana Rose Morlan (and eventually changed her name to the latter).

Ana attended school and spent most of her life in Ladysmith WI.

A. R. Morlan passed away at age 58 in January 2016.